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The OUT Campaign: Atheists Come Out!

Rabbinus sine Indicio

"Rabbinus sine Indicio"
"Clueless Rabbi"


An Open Letter to the Atheist Community

tl;dr version:

Dear Atheists,
I would like to tone-troll.

There are no true atheists.

Id also like to appeal to authority.

I used to be an atheist, and anyway atheists need to shut up. Hitler was an atheist*, so was Stalin*. And you don't have open minds because you don't swallow my nonsense.

Religion is a good thing, and atheists can't respect life. Besides atheism takes more faith then believing in God, specially because of fine-tuning and complexity. Also look, Darwin says I'm right!

It's the usual sort of weirdness from a clueless theist. He does not even know what atheism is, and therefore says that there are no true atheists. He even pulls out Argumentum ad Stalinum, of course. Shocking, eh? I can just imagine all of the personal satisfaction he must have given himself by a "clever" little argument that he thought would produce a "Ha ha, gotcha, Mr. Atheist!" moment.

I doubt he talked to a single atheist about any of this. And it is unlikely he genuinely wants to have a two-way conversation with any atheists. He seems to want to preach his perceived problems with atheism while at the same time presending himself as "reasonable."

But here are some great responses:

Response to Rabbi Adam Jacobs

My Atheistic Reply To Rabbi Adam Jacobs’s Open Letter To The Atheist Community

Understanding atheists

Seriously, this should be used as a general example for theists on how not to attempt to engage with atheists.


I always like these "no no no, you're not really an atheist." Because I'm too stupid to know what I think? o_o

It's like the feminazi idea that all sex with men is rape (raep! onoz!) because women are too stupid to know what they enjoy.
Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe

November 2013



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