Melissa: Marita Iani


"I Live!"

I do! It has been the busiest year of my life!

I took four courses each semester last year, I won UNB's Alumni Medal (it's pictured here), I won their William Stuart Macfarlane Prize (5000 smackers!), I am taking just two courses this semester (Greek and Latin, naturally), Melissa got hired at a job in Edmonton last month, and moving to Edmonton was a pain in the ass (we're still getting settled). And now I am looking forward to applying for the MA at the University of Alberta. We'll see how that works out!

Probationes Adeunt

"Probationes Adeunt"
"Tests Are Coming"

Augh, midterms are coming already! My first one (the one for Latin) is next Thursday!

But it's Latin, so it shouldn't be too bad!
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Melissa: Marita Iani

Sex Annos!

"Sex Annos!"
"For Six Years!"

That's how long Melissa and I have been married!


I hope to be with her for sixty more and even more than that!
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Ubi Est Ioannes?

"Ubi Est Ioannes?"
"Where is Ian?"


Yeah, I haven't been posting here lately. I have been doing school and Tumblr things lately.

I going full-time over at UNB this time: Greek, Latin, Byzantine Empire, and Rise of the Romans. Let's hope that I can keep up the good work!