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Quinquaginta Approbationes Simplices Existentiae Dei

"Quinquaginta Approbationes Simplices Existentiae Dei"
"Fifty Simple Proofs for the Existence of God"

PZ Myers received something interesting:


I just got an email listing 50 "proofs" for the existence of a god. It was also sent to a large number of skeptics, and included a plug for the dumb-as-bricks author's book — she's a flea who writes an imaginary scenario in which Richard Dawkins gets psychiatric counseling…from Jesus! If Debra Rufini's imaginary dialog is as bad as this list of "proofs" — more like a collection of cliches, bad quotes, and lies — I can't imagine wanting to slog through it.

Any one of these I'd happily rip to shreds, but 50 at once? The distilled dementia herein is overwhelming, and I'm sure she counts on that.

Well, I'd love to respond to these!

This is going to be fun.

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