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Meum Caput Dolet

"Meum Caput Dolet"
"My Head Hurts"

I read this thing this morning and then said, "What the hell, Massimo?"

Okay, I turned vegetarian, almost

Earthlings has a declared agenda, and not everything that is shown or said there should be taken as correct or fairly representative. Nonetheless, the piece simply translated into relentlessly disturbing images what I pretty much already knew to be the case, and had tried hard to ignore. Hence my resolution to do some reflecting and adjusting as soon as the movie was over.

That seems like an appeal to emotion to me.

True on both counts, but we live with asymmetrical relationships all the time, for instance between employers and employees, or between parents and children (and, needless to say, children didn’t ask to be born either).

So... one good asymmetrical relationship deserves another?

Moreover, animals are simply not on the same cognitive level as humans,

Keep that in mind.

I have decided that there simply is no justification for eating animals that are capable of sophisticated cognitive processes

But where is the justification to find such a justification?

which includes humans — there goes my chance for cannibalism

So, a variant of the "Meat Is Murder" argument?

What is with people treating non-human animals as just another race of human?

And what is with people treating these non-human animals as one homogeneous group?

Some of us seem to want to, on the one hand, treat these animals as just another race of human, but on the other hand, ignore certain human-applicable aspects of that treatment (not because they do not apply but would otherwise, just in the case in severely mentally or emotionally deficient people, but because such aspects simply are not possible for these non-human entities).

I myself am not at all trying to imply some sort of argument to ensure the killing of animals for consumption.

But it really annoys me how certain people among us go around trying to find "justifications" in favor in omnivorism when the need for justifications that such justifications are necessary in the first place have apparently been glossed over, and what we have in lieu of these justifications are inconsistent ideas about what these animals are: concessions about a real difference between humans and other animals ("animals are simply not on the same cognitive level as humans") and assertions that these are more or less the same ("there goes my chance for cannibalism"). Why is this inconsistent personal philosophy seen as acceptable?

If eating other animals is cannibalism, then can I marry my cat?


Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe

November 2013



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