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Translationes Latinae Emendatae Affectuum

"Translationes Latinae Emendatae Affectuum"
"Edited Latin Translations of the Moods"

I have a list that shows my Latin translations of the LJ Moods.

(Last edited on August 10th, 2010)

The masculine and feminine forms of the Latin words are listed.

Latin Translations of Moods
Positive Degree
Latin Words
Latin Words
Accomplished Eruditus Erudita
Aggravated Aggravatus Aggravata
Amused Oblectatus Oblectata
Angry Irascens Irascens
Annoyed Vexatus Vexata
Anxious Anxius Anxia
Apathetic Apatheticus Apathetica
Artistic Artificiosus Artificiosa
Awake Vigilans Vigilans
Bitchy Caniculaceus Caniculacea
Blah Heu Heu
Blank Vacuus Vacua
Bored Fatigatus Fatigata
Bouncy Resiliens Resiliens
Busy Occupatus Occupata
Calm Placidus Placida
Cheerful Hilarus Hilara
Chipper Vivax Vivax
Cold Frigidus Frigida
Complacent Complacens Complacens
Confused Confusus Confusa
Contemplative Contemplativus Contemplativa
Content Contentus Contenta
Cranky Severus Severa
Crappy Merdaceus Merdacea
Crazy Delirus Delira
Creative Creativus Creativa
Crushed Afflictus Afflicta
Curious Curiosus Curiosa
Cynical Cynicalis Cynicalis
Depressed Depressus Depressa
Determined Firmus Firma
Devious Devius Devia
Dirty Spurcus Spurca
Disappointed Destitutus Destituta
Discontent Discontentus Discontenta
Distressed Sollicitus Sollicita
Ditzy Insipiens Insipiens
Dorky Fatuaceus Fatuacea
Drained Haustus Hausta
Drunk Ebrius Ebria
Ecstatic Ecstaticus Ecstatica
Embarrassed Erubescens Erubescens
Energetic Impiger Impigra
Enraged Infuriatus Infuriata
Enthralled Captatus Captata
Envious Invidiosus Invidiosa
Exanimate Exanimatus Exanimata
Excited Excitatus Excitata
Exhausted Exhaustus Exhausta
Flirty Lasciviens Lasciviens
Frustrated Frustratatus Frustratata
Full Plenus Plena
Geeky Perstudiosus Perstudiosa
Giddy Vertiginosus Vertiginosa
Giggly Ridillans Ridillans
Gloomy Maestus Maesta
Good Bonus Bona
Grateful Gratulans Gratulans
Groggy Titubans Titubans
Grumpy Stomachosus Stomachosa
Guilty Culpabilis Culpabilis
Happy Beatus Beata
High Altus Alta
Hopeful Bonae Spei Bonae Spei
Horny Arrectus Arrecta
Hot Calens Calens
Hungry Ieiunus Ieiuna
Hyper Hyperactivus Hyperactiva
Impressed Permotus Permota
Indescribable Inenarrabilis Inenarrabilis
Indifferent Indifferens Indifferens
Infuriated Infuriatus Infuriata
Intimidated Intimidatus Intimidata
Irate Iratus Irata
Irritated Irritatus Irritata
Jealous Invidus Invida
Jubilant Iubilans Iubilans
Lazy Piger Pigra
Lethargic Lethargicus Lethargica
Listless Languidus Languida
Lonely Solus Sola
Loved Amatus Amata
Melancholy Melancholicus Melancholica
Mellow Mitis Mitis
Mischievous Lascivus Lasciva
Moody Taetricus Taetrica
Morose Morosus Morosa
Naughty Improbus Improba
Nauseated Nauseans Nauseans
Nerdy Inconcinnaceus Inconcinnacea
Nervous Trepidus Trepida
Nostalgic Nostalgicus Nostalgica
Numb Torpidus Torpida
Okay Bene Bene
Optimistic Optimisticus Optimistica
Peaceful Pacatus Pacata
Pensive Meditabundus Meditabunda
Pessimistic Pessimisticus Pessimistica
Pissed Off Exacerbatus Exacerbata
Pleased Delectatus Delectata
Predatory Praedatorius Praedatoria
Productive Productivus Productiva
Quixotic Quichoticus Quichotica
Recumbent Recumbens Recumbens
Refreshed Refectus Refecta
Rejected Reiectus Reiecta
Rejuvenated Reiuvenatus Reiuvenata
Relaxed Relaxatus Relaxata
Relived Levatus Levata
Restless Inquietus Inquieta
Rushed Festinans Festinans
Sad Tristis Tristis
Satisfied Satisfactus Satisfacta
Scared Territus Territa
Shocked Obstupefactus Obstupefacta
Sick Aeger Aegra
Silly Desipiens Desipiens
Sleepy Somniculosus Somniculosa
Sore Tener Tenera
Stressed Enervatus Enervata
Surprised Mirans Mirans
Sympathetic Sympatheticus Sympathetica
Thankful Gratus Grata
Thirsty Sitiens Sitiens
Thoughtful Providus Provida
Tired Fessus Fessa
Touched Commotus Commota
Uncomfortable Incommodus Incommoda
Weird Insolitus Insolita
Working Laborans Laborans
Worried Sollicitatus Sollicitata


  • I created the word Caniculaceus from canicula, "bitch," and the suffix -aceus (an adjective suffix for nouns: "resembles," "of...," "having the nature of," "...like"; cf. English -aceous).

  • I created the word Fatuaceus from fatuus, "stupid," and the suffix -aceus (an adjective suffix for nouns: "resembles," "of...," "having the nature of," "...like"; cf. English -aceous).

  • I created the word Inconcinnaceus from inconcinnus, a word that John Traupman suggested for "nerd," and the suffix -aceus (an adjective suffix for nouns: "resembles," "of...," "having the nature of," "...like"; cf. English -aceous).

  • I created the word Ridillans from ridere, "to laugh," and the verb-forming suffix -illans (denoting a feeble or petty action). Ridillans is analogous to cantillans, "sing low" (from cantare, "to sing," and -illans).

  • The word Quichoticus came from Glossarium Philosophicum.

  • Reiuvenatus came from re-, indicating a restoration of a thing to its original condition, and iuvenis, "young," and the suffix -atus, "-ed."

  • Some words have been changed:

    • Stercorosus/StercorosaMerdaceus/Merdacea (for Crappy)
    • Levis/LevisInsipiens/Insipiens (for Ditzy)
    • Ridens Leviter/Ridens Leviter → Ridillans/Ridillans (for Giggly)
    • Gratiam Habens/Gratiam HabensGratulans/Gratulans (for Grateful)
    • Difficilis/DifficilisStomachosus/Stomachosa (for Grumpy)
    • Libidinosus/LibidinosaArrectus/Arrecta (for Horny)
    • Umbraticaceus/UmbraticaceaInconcinnaceus/Inconcinnacea(for Nerdy)
    • Maestus/MaestaTaetricus/Taetrica (for Moody)
    • Pacalis/PacalisPacatus/Pacata (for Peaceful)
    • Factus Festinare/Facta FestinareFestinans/Festinans (for Rushed)
    • Factus Sollicitari/Facta SollicitariSollicitatus/Sollicitata (for Worried)

LWotP: index, "list/index."
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