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Argumentum ad Physticobutyrum

"Argumentum ad Physticobutyrum"
"The Argument from Peanut Butter"

Here is an oldie but goodie:

Yes, it's the old Argumentum ad Physticobutyrum. You see, Evilution is wrong 'cause life can't spontaneously come from peanut butter.

Atheists need to be physticobutyrophobes (peanut butter-phobes) now.

Physticobutyrophobia (Modern Greek φυστικοβούτυρο) is the fear of peanut butter.

Yuck... beware the badly-formed word arachibutyrophobia.

LWotP: physticobutyrum -i n. "peanut butter" (Vocabulum Milleri).
Tags: argumenta, atheism, philosophy, random, stupidity

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