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Melissa: Marita Iani


"I Live!"

I do! It has been the busiest year of my life!

I took four courses each semester last year, I won UNB's Alumni Medal (it's pictured here), I won their William Stuart Macfarlane Prize (5000 smackers!), I am taking just two courses this semester (Greek and Latin, naturally), Melissa got hired at a job in Edmonton last month, and moving to Edmonton was a pain in the ass (we're still getting settled). And now I am looking forward to applying for the MA at the University of Alberta. We'll see how that works out!
Melissa: Marita Iani

Sex Annos!

"Sex Annos!"
"For Six Years!"

That's how long Melissa and I have been married!


I hope to be with her for sixty more and even more than that!
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Melissa and I were there since Monday.

She had to do some work-related stuff. I tagged along to help (and stuff). We stayed at the Bonaccord House. Very nice! Perhaps we'll stay there again sometime.

Other than that, nothing much happened.

Now if only I could get my Latin grade back...
Melissa: Marita Iani

Id Egimus!

"Id Egimus!"
"We Did It!"

For the first time, Melissa and I watched all of the BSSM -- all 200 episodes -- together!

YAY! Now on to Strawberry Lesbians -- I mean Strawberry Panic!
Melissa: Marita Iani

Melissa Aegra Est

"Melissa Aegra Est"
"Melissa Is Sick"

Augh, she seems to have whatever has been going around.

She said that I don't get sick. That's hyperbole, of course, but I do tend to get sick less often than she does.

Melissa needs to be taken care of.
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